Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Review of Zine and D-I-Y DVD and Music Video: The Recidivist DVD and 'Riding on the Rails' Zine.

Below is the most recent items (Zine and DIY  DVD) we received for review.

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This zine review is for functionally ill: adventures with mental health recieved...

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New Review of Zine and D-I-Y DVD and Music Video: The Recidivist DVD and 'Riding on the Rails' Zine.

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Quick Summary.

I rate items received on a scale of 1-10 Clean Socks with 1 Sock being not-the-best (as it often is the case when you only have one clean sock and the other one is lost or dirty, smelly and crusty and the rest of your socks have already been reused so many times that you would rather go barefoot in winter) and 10 Clean Socks being the very, very best situation because it means you get the clean fluffy feeling because you just did the laundry and have 10 fresh days of clean socks at hand and if you recycle you have 20 days of almost clean socks if you don't feel like doing the wash after the 10 days.

Summary review of The Zine 'Riding on Rails'
6 Clean socks for Illustrationsn by Ethan Young -
Only 2 pages of hand drawn illustrations but they were a very good two pages. if there was more art he would've got a 10.

9 Clean Socks. for the zine layout by Sarah Kriley. She gave a Website address with nasty corporate ads flashing so that can't ever get a 10.
Good layout though. Full color $50 NY subway ticket on front and back for playing music on the train. Very cool and original. Not even a title on front. $100 court judgment inside. Artwork included. Photos. Rock solid 9 clean socks job of layout.

10 Clean Socks for Editing by TLE. No crazy ass typos throughout the whole damn thing (which is how I do my thing actually! *happy laughter* I'm all about typos!). Makes reading it very smooth.

5 Clean socks for James who told the story in the Zine I take it. Not so interesting a story, sorry.  I know you think you are sharing your music with people to reach out to them but how can you be sure you're not just irritating people since you have a captive audience on a Subway?  Some of the people in the DVD didn't look too happy.  Though some folks did give you money.  To be honest, I love Subway musicians but you just never know.  How about making a song about corrupt BP folks and then going to the BP headquarters in New York and playing there.  Or maybe write a song about the racist new laws in Arizona and then go play outside the office of one of the Hate Groups found on the map of Hate groups on the Southern Poverty Law Center Website found by clicking here.  If you do it, send it to me and you'll get 4 clean socks review just for doing it.  While you probably wouldn't get any tips, it might make for a more interesting story...especially if you get in some interesting lyrics and conversations.   Your current zine gets 3 clean socks for including one of my favorite songs in the zine for sure though. But you've got a great layout, editing and art team on your hands.  Wow!  Now that is what I call an awesome crew!  Keep that team and you've got nothing but goodness in your future, homey!

In the future send the form found at so I can tell people where to get your stuff. I would have loved to give props and credit and compliments to everybody on your staff but I will not ever type all that stuff out.  No way. Sorry.  I'm shocked I typed this much. Better for you and me not to type due to all my typos! *happy laughter* :)

Their email address is if you want to get their zine and DVD- I had to triple check that email.

Podcast review of the other stuff below.
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